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25 Years Ago This Week: March 12, 1995

It had taken Australia long enough to full embrace dance music, and then songs like the highest new entry on the singles chart this week in 1995 had to go and ruin things by giving it a bad name.

A blight on Sweden's otherwise impeccable pop CV

The latest in a series of club tracks that incorporated a little bit of country, the single topped charts across Europe (for many weeks in some cases) and made the ARIA top 10.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending March 12, 1995

Another, far superior dance track continued to occupy the number 1 spot in Australia this week in 1995. "Another Night" by MC Sar & The Real McCoy spent its fifth week on top.

Off The Chart
Number 100 "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead
Peak: number 100
A new release from the band who hadn't yet managed to follow "Creep" with another hit. As well as a two-track CD single, an eight-track EP was available, while the song itself ended up on Radiohead's second album, The Bends

Number 93 "All I Have To Do Is Dream (with Phil Everly) / Miss You Nights" by Cliff Richard / Phil Everly
Peak: number 93
Fresh from his Australian tour, this double A-side release featured a live cover of The Everly Brothers single from 1958 with Phil Everly and a remixed version of Cliff's own 1975 song, "Miss You Nights". 

Number 78 "Sour Times" by Portishead
Peak: number 66
Like fellow trip-hop act Massive Attack (up until this point), Portishead went largely unappreciated on the ARIA singles chart, with this breakthrough single peaking outside the top 50.

New Entries
Number 50 Regurgitator by Regurgitator
Peak: number 45
Newly signed to Warner Music, three-piece Brisbane band Regurgitator's previously independently released, self-titled EP - the one with the hamburger on the front - was re-released by their new major label. Thanks to radio support for tracks "Couldn't Do It" and "Like It Like That", it gave them their first appearance in the top 50 - somewhere they'd return regularly over the next few years.

Number 37 "I'm Jealous" by Divinyls
Peak: number 14
From an Australian band making their first visit to the top 50, we move now to a band scoring their final hit single after a decade-and-a-half of releasing music. Originally appearing on the 1994 soundtrack to primetime soap Melrose Place, "I'm Jealous" was co-written by Chrissy Amphlett with Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, with whom Divinyls had collaborated on international breakthrough single "I Touch Myself". Issued as a single in 1995, "I'm Jealous" became the band's sixth top 20 hit and their most successful single since the chart-topping "I Touch Myself", but due to the fact that follow-up "Heart Of Steel" wasn't released for six months and album Underworld didn't see the light of day until late 1996, any renewed momentum they had disappeared.

Number 34 "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex
Peak: number 8
The Grid have a lot to answer for. Since they demonstrated the hit potential of a banjo teamed with an electronic beat on "Swamp Thing", other acts jumped on the hoedown-meets-dance music bandwagon. Until now, none of those imitators made much headway on the ARIA chart, but new Swedish outfit Rednex blasted onto the top 50 with their spin on US folk tune "Cotton-Eyed Joe". The slightly renamed track gave the very specific dance genre another top 10 hit and infuriated me for the duration of its 18-week chart run. At least we were spared any further hits by Rednex, who did manage several more from their Sex & Violins album across Europe.

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1995 (updated weekly):

Next week: a new hit from the world's most popular vocal harmony group and a new vocal harmony group with a cover version of an old hit. Plus, another hugely successful Australian band reaches the top 50 for the last time.

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  1. I can never remember how it goes, but I like 'My Iron Lung'... well, for a Radiohead song.

    'Sour Times' might have done better had it been titled 'Nobody Loves Me'.

    Divinyls seemed to be stuck in one-off soundtrack/cover version limbo for years after 'I Touch Myself'. Waiting 5 years to release the follow-up album to 1991's 'Divinyls' was a dumb career move. I've always thought the verses of 'I'm Jealous' are much better than the chorus.

    I can see why others might hate it, but I do like 'Cotton Eye Joe'; though it is a novelty song, really.

  2. So in summary Banjo to a dance beat = bad, Banjo in any other track (see 1980) = it.

    Problem with radiohead was everything off that album sounded the same, my iron lung,karma police..

    A point of clarity i think needs to be added as it's not mentioned in gavin's summary,but no band would wait 5 years to release an album. Nathan is right,it is a dumb move but it was the record company who took a year to release it due to internal issues between the band and the company. If underworld was released after I'm jealous went top 20 it would have done quite well for them

  3. Don't want to appear to be a smart a*se, but I'm pretty sure Karma Police was released several years after My Iron Lung and from separate albums. But there is a similarity in the sound, even if years apart.


  4. I bow to other's greater knowledge andrew,at least i'm learning something but yeah the point was the sound is/was quite similar. You can tell i'm not a radiohead fan

  5. I didn't mind "Cotton Eye Joe" either, even if it did take me years to figure out the first line of the chorus. Who would have thought they were Swedish?