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This Week In 1993: April 11, 1993

Bobby Brown. Marky Mark. Peter Andre. That guy from Radio Freedom. The previous few years had seen a steady stream of male pop stars with chiselled bodies flashing their abs and earning a place on teenage bedroom walls. This week in 1993, we got another.

Just try and find a photo of Jeremy Jordan with his shirt on

If his torso wasn't enough to make him an instant hit, the new heartthrob's debut single just happened to be taken from the soundtrack to the hottest teen drama on TV.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending April 11, 1993

The hottest single in Australia this week in 1993 was still "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz, which spent a second week at number 1.

Off The Chart
Number 100 I.C.U. by Caligula
Peak: number 55
The electronic rock band edged ever closer to the top 50 with their latest EP, but their first hit would come later in the year with a song few would've predicted they'd remake.

Number 95 "Step It Up" by Stereo MCs
Peak: number 87
"Connected" peaked just inside the top 50, but there was no such joy for this even better follow-up from the band who'd take out Best British Group and Best British Album at the 1994 BRIT Awards.

Number 94 "Love's On My Mind" by Girlfriend
Peak: number 65
It was probably pushing it to expect a fifth hit from their debut album, but this ballad was actually one of the better singles Girlfriend released. They'd be back with new music before the year was out.

Number 93 "Pride And Joy" by Coverdale⦁Page
Peak: number 89
This one-album collaboration between Whitesnake and Deep Purple singer David Coverdale and Led Zeppelin co-founder Jimmy Page didn't yield much in the way of singles success, but the duo's self-titled album made the top 30.

Number 81 "I Put A Spell On You" by Bryan Ferry
Peak: number 68
This version of the much-remade song by Screamin' Jay Hawkins was taken from the (mostly) covers collection Taxi, Bryan Ferry's first album since 1987.

New Entries
Number 49 "The Right Kind Of Love" by Jeremy Jordan
Peak: number 5
Jeremy Jordan - alright! He had Donna Martin's approval and, thanks to a big push from Beverly Hills, 90210, he soon had teenagers around Australia in a frenzy. Oh yeah, and his frequently flashed gym-toned body didn't hurt his cause, either. Human Ken doll Jeremy Jordan hit the top 5 with his debut single, a track co-writer Robbie Nevil had originally envisioned for Color Me Badd. Instead, label execs thought the song was too innocent for the "I Wanna Sex You Up" quartet and gave it to the pop hopeful, who'd been homeless before he was discovered, and included it on the soundtrack to the Aaron Spelling teen soap. Question was: could Jeremy live up to the initial hype?

Number 47 "Livin' On The Edge" by Aerosmith
Peak: number 21
A decade-and-a-half after they started making music, Aerosmith were finally embraced by Australian fans in 1989 when their Pump album yielded number 1 single "Janie's Got A Gun" and itself topped the chart. And so expectations were higher than at any point in the past for their follow-up studio album, Get A Grip. While the album duly entered the top 3 in early May, lead single "Livin' On The Edge" just missed the top 20 and would end up being the only single from the album to make the top 50 despite both "Cryin'" and "Amazing" becoming big US hits. Inspired by the 1992 LA riots, "Livin' On The Edge" sees Aerosmith in social commentary mode and featured then-15-year-old actor Edward Furlong in the music video.

Number 45 "A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)" by Peabo Bryson / Regina Belle
Peak: number 10
What "Beauty And The Beast" began, the theme tune to Disney's 1992 animated feature, Aladdin, took to new heights, with the duet "A Whole New World" reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 - dethroning "I Will Always Love You" in the process - and winning both the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Grammy Award for Song Of The Year. The soaring ballad once again featured Peabo Bryson on the commercial single release - the film's voice actors performed "A Whole New World" in the movie - and teamed him with another soul star, Regina Belle. In Australia, the track reached the top 10, setting a new benchmark for a modern-era Disney theme tune, although one that would be topped the following year.

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1993:

Next week: a soap star-turned-pop star debuts with another future top 10 single, while one of the best dance tracks of the year arrives.

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  1. Girlfriend and Regina Belle aside, another week of otherwise all-male entries.

    'Before' was played as the song to represent the 'I.C.U.' EP on the rage top 60, though 'I.C.U' ended up on 100% Hits Volume 8.

    I thought for a moment that picture of Jeremy Jordan you've embedded was a bleached Ken doll; I guess that's the look he was going for. Not liking 90210 at all (if only for its rude take-over of Smash Hits), I loathed this song at the time, though can now appreciate it in small doses. It does sound more dated than '93 though. Smash Hits were really pushing him in '93; it seemed they alternated covers between him, Peter Andre, East 17 and 90210/Melrose Place for a good portion of the year. I remember one edition coming with free Jeremy Jordan dog tags even - just what I always wanted...

    The half-zippered Steven Tyler was the most interesting thing about 'Livin' On the Edge' for me.

  2. Nathan's right, Smash Hits must have been on Aaron Spelling's payroll in 1993 for all the 90210 shit they pushed. And the song by Jerome Jordan (that's what my sister and I referred to him as -- I only just remembered that while typing) was absolute trash of the highest magnitude. And the follow-up single was even worse!

    Aerosmith's 'Get A Grip' was my 2nd-favourite album of 1993, and I was disappointed to see its lead single "Livin' On The Edge" only get as high as number 21. Oddly enough the same thing would happen with my favourite album of 1993, with its lead single peaking at number 21 -- Nirvana's 'In Utero'. I'd like to give the single-buying Australian public of 1993 a collective retroactive slap 'round the face.

    1. 'Heart-Shaped Box' no doubt would have re-entered in the top 5 after Kurt's death if we had today's streaming chart back then, with 'Teen Spirit' probably going to #1.

  3. Wow, Jeremy Jordan really does look like a Ken doll. I wonder if he also had a smooth plastic mound under his knickers...