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25 Years Ago This Week: July 2, 1995

There is an inner circle among one-hit wonders - those artists who achieved the ultimate in chart one-off-ness: a chart-topping single followed by no further top 50 entries. And they don't come along that often.

Australia insensitively turned its back on Jann Arden after this big hit

In the whole of the '90s, only six acts scored a number 1 and then had no further hits. This week in 1995, one of those ultimate one-hit wonders arrived on the ARIA singles chart, with a song I still wouldn't be able to sing for you without listening to it first.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending July 2, 1995

A man who was becoming all too familiar with the number 1 spot ascended to the top this week in 1995. Bryan Adams' latest ballad, "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman", spent its only week in premier position.

Off The Chart
Number 92 "That Look In Your Eye" by Ali Campbell
Peak: number 80
Stepping out from his role as UB40 frontman, Ali Campbell's debut solo single featured vocals by Pamela Starks, who co-wrote the song, and was a UK top 5 hit.

Number 82 "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" by Primus
Peak: number 80
With a title like that - not a reference to Winona Ryder - this lead single from the funk metal band's fourth album, Tales From The Punchbowl, gained Primus more attention than ever before, but not enough to give them a hit.

New Entries
Number 49 "Anybody But You" by The Cruel Sea
Peak: number 49
We start off this week's top 50 debuts with a couple of one-week wonders. This third single from Three Legged Dog is only remarkable in that it continued the trend of tracks taken from the album peaking 10 places lower than the one before - "Better Get A Lawyer" had reached number 29 and "Just A Man" got to number 39.

Number 48 "Made In England" by Elton John
Peak: number 48
Another single spending a solitary week in the top 50 was the latest from Elton John. The title track of his 24th album, "Made In England" featured references to the singer's own life (courtesy of lyricist Bernie Taupin). It's not a bad song, if somewhat forgettable.

Number 42 "Insensitive" by Jann Arden
Peak: number 1
Speaking of forgettable... Despite this single from Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden reaching number 1 in Australia, "Insensitive" is a tune with a melody I can never recall. Then I listen to it - as I'm doing now while I type this - and I go, "Oh yeah, that one." Although the song about an unreciprocated love was Jann's only hit in Australia, it was one of eight top 10 singles she enjoyed in her homeland. In 1996, it also took off in the US following its use in Christian Slater romantic drama Bed Of Roses. And as I come to the end of this blurb and the video below has stopped playing, I find myself wondering, "How does it go again?"

Number 37 "Love & Devotion" by Real McCoy
Peak: number 7
German Eurodance group Real McCoy - they'd trimmed their name from the unwieldy MC Sar & The Real McCoy by now - were really on a hot streak in 1995. Their third consecutive top 10 hit, the reggae-ish "Love & Devotion" followed chart-topper "Another Night" and top 5 hit "Run Away". And although "Another Night" was one of my favourite singles for 1994, "Love & Devotion" and "Run Away" just didn't do it for me. Maybe I was tiring of Eurodance? Or maybe just something as generic as this...

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1995 (updated weekly):

Next week: only the fifth record to debut at number 1 from a band who'd already done it once. Plus, two of the biggest new American bands make an impact locally.

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  1. The Development Corporation Remix of Love and Devotion turns a very ordinary song into one of my favourite tracks from the 90's.

  2. Dave Pirner, frontman for Soul Asylum and then-partner of Winona Ryder, was one of those people who assumed "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" was about Ryder - so much so that he once performed a song in concert called "Les Claypool's a Big F**king Asshole"

  3. I'm with you. "Insensitive" is entirely forgettable and just an extremely horrible song. There's another reason why I hate it but I'll get to that in a few weeks.

  4. 'Insensitive' was one of those, for want of a better term, 'conservative' #1s from the 90s. I for one couldn't understand the popularity of extremely bland songs like this one and the bulk of Bryan Adams' 90s output.

    At the time, I would have thought La Bouche 'copied' Real McCoy with the "ola ola ey" refrain from 'Love & Devotion' being recycled in their 'Sweet Dreams'; but now I'm not so sure, since learning (several years back) that 'Sweet Dreams' actually had an earlier, 1994 release. Who copied who?