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This Week In 1988: March 27, 1988

Originally posted as 25 Years Ago This Week in 2013. Updated in 2018.

The biggest problem I have putting this ARIA recap together each week is finding all the clips to the songs on YouTube - and this week, it's a particularly troublesome bunch of tunes.

Would you get into this man's car?

Between the songs that don't appear on YouTube at all, those that do but won't embed, those that only appear in alternate live or fan-made versions and those that constantly get taken down from the site, it really does make things difficult.

Anyway, enough whinging. This week in 1988, Kylie Minogue hung on to the number 1 spot with "I Should Be So Lucky", while the song that would eventually dethrone her made its debut.

Off The Chart

Number 99 "Grain Of Sand" by The Saints

Peak: number 81

The Saints would eventually have a hit from eighth studio album Prodigal Son, but it wasn't with this lead single or follow-up "Stay", which missed the top 100 completely.

Number 98 "Clockwork Clown" by The Technicians

Peak: number 96

Brisbane-based four-piece dance act The Technicians released this third single on their new label, but their Eurodance stylings still couldn't attract enough of a local following.

Number 97 "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" by Glenn Medeiros

Peak: number 85

"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" was still in the top 20 after 18 weeks on the top 50 (and would remain on the chart until the end of May), ensuring Glenn Medeiros's next power ballad was completely overshadowed.

Number 94 "I Say Nothing" by Voice Of The Beehive

Peak: number 73

It took two releases for this infectious burst of jangly guitar-based pop to become a hit in the UK - and Australia was just as slow to warm to VOTB, not rewarding them with a top 50 hit until the very end of 1988.

Single Of The Week

"Safe Behind The Wire" by John Schumann

It may have been heavily promoted 25 years ago this week at the bottom of the ARIA chart, but this track by the former Redgum singer cannot be found on YouTube - possibly because it didn't crack the top 100. "Safe Behind The Wire" was the latest single from his debut solo album, Etched In Blue - and it managed to perform worse than previous single "Borrowed Ground", which had only reached number 91. I can't even tell you what "Safe Behind The Wire" sounds like since I don't recall it at all. A mystery for the ages!

EDIT: The song has since popped up on YouTube. Enjoy.

New Entries

Number 49 "I Get Weak" by Belinda Carlisle

Peak: number 34

Back in the '80s, Belinda Carlisle had trouble scoring more than one massive hit per album in Australia. 1986's "Mad About You" (which got to number 9) was the only top 50 single from her debut solo album, Belinda, while the number 2 smash "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" was followed by this song, which was a minor top 40 hit despite being a US and UK top 10 hit. A link to the single version of the song is in the song title, while below is a clip comprised of the music video with the audio from a live performance since the official music video isn't available on YouTube in Australia. See what I mean?

Number 43 "Under The Milky Way" by The Church

Peak: number 22

For this Australian classic, we have to resort to a clip of a live TV appearance by the band... in Italy! The actual music video is notably absent from YouTube (I'm sure it used to be there). The song itself reached number 22 on the chart - a position which equalled the performance of their first chart hit, 1981's "The Unguarded Moment", and came one place short of their highest-charting single to that point, 1982's "Almost With You".

EDIT: The official video is back on YouTube and below - but for how long?

Number 28 "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean

Peak: number 1

We'd last heard from Billy in 1986 with the singles from the Love Zone album, notably the chart-topping "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going". To launch his latest album, Tear Down These Walls, he released another song with a lengthy, two-part title and it would also end up at number 1 in Australia. Despite his pair of chart-toppers, Billy was an inconsistent performer on the singles chart - his songs either peaked quite high or very low - and as if to prove the point, no other song from the album would make the top 100 at all. Thankfully, "Get Outta My Dreams..." is readily available on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1988:

Next week: the debut of the year's biggest teen pop sensation and another hit from Dirty Dancing. Before then, I'm going to count down my favourite singles and albums by my second favourite group of all time.

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