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25 Years Ago This Week: January 16, 1994

There's always one - the pop group member who breaks from the band to explore new musical opportunities. From Siobhan Fahey to Geri Halliwell to Camila Cabello; Robbie Williams to Brian McFadden to Zayn Malik, music history is littered with early departures. 

Girlfriend would've been wishing for a bigger hit with this ballad

This week in 1994, Australia's biggest girl group of the decade charted with their final single as a five-piece. Perhaps it was a good time to jump ship - its performance was a far cry for their chart-topping debut two years earlier.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending January 16, 1994

At the top of the ARIA singles chart this week in 1994, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince provided some respite from Bryan Adams with "Boom! Shake The Room" climbing to number 1 for a solitary week.

Off The Chart
Number 99 "Tear It Up" by Usura
Peak: number 99
Second single "Sweat" had just sneaked into the top 50 and this third slice of Italo dance did the same with the top 100. Surprisingly given my taste at the time, I don't think I've ever actually heard this song before.

Number 93 "Hundreds Of Languages" by GANGgajang
Peak: number 62
Back with their first new music in six years, the Australian band recruited a host of newsreaders and reporters (including Anne Fulwood, George Negus, Mary Kostakidis, Jeff McMullen and Richard Morecroft) to lip sync the song's lyrics in the music video.

Number 92 "Venus As A Boy" by Björk
Peak: number 92
A second top 100 entry for the Icelandic singer, "Venus As A Boy" came with a video directed by Sophie Muller, who'd worked on clips for Eurythmics (and Annie Lennox solo) and Shakespears Sister, among others.

Number 74 "Give It Up" by The Goodmen
Peak: number 65
I wonder how many people bought this mistakenly thinking they were purchasing Cut 'n' Move's much more successful single of the same name. Originally released in 1992, "Give It Up" reached the UK top once reissued in late 1993. The sample-ridden track was in turn sampled by Simply Red for "Fairground", while Dutch duo The Goodmen have also released music as Chocolate Puma and Riva.

New Entries
Number 49 "Into Your Arms" by The Lemonheads
Peak: number 46
How quickly The Lemonheads' chart fortunes faded. The first single from Come On Feel The Lemonheads, the follow-up to breakthrough album It's A Shame About Ray"Into Your Arms" was a surprisingly small hit. I remember it quite distinctly from the time, and if you'd asked me before I sat down to write this post, I would've guessed it had been much more successful. The song was written by former The Hummingbirds member Robyn St Clare, who'd recorded it five years earlier with The Lemonheads' bassist Nic Dalton in their guise as duo Love Positions. This would be the last time the band would see the inside of the ARIA top 50.

Number 47 "Green Limousine" by The Badloves
Peak: number 35
Another act making their final top 50 appearance are Australia's The Badloves with what would be their most successful single, although I'd argue "Lost" is much better known. No doubt benefitting from their recent guest spot on Jimmy Barnes' cover of "The Weight", the band ventured into the top 40 for the only time with this track, which pokes fun at celebrities that champion on-trend causes.

Number 44 "Wishing On The Same Star" by Girlfriend
Peak: number 44
Robyn Loau must have known which way the wind was blowing as far as Girlfriend was concerned. How could she not? "Heartbeat", the lead single from the girl group's second album, It's Up To You, had just scraped into the top 40, while the album itself barely made a dent on the top 30 - a major comedown from their first album. Then came this second single, written by big ballad legend Diane Warren and previously recorded by American pop singer Keedy (whose "Save Some Love" was criminally overlooked in Australia). Apart from being fairly insipid, it's a good pop song and its underperformance pretty much established Girlfriend's time was over. At least, in this form. As it would turn out, Robyn's decision to depart later in 1994 was the best thing she could have done - for both her and her former bandmates.

Number 40 "Maximum Overdrive" by 2 Unlimited
Peak: number 32
While the three previous acts all visited the top 50 for the final time - either at all or in their original form - dance duo 2 Unlimited returned to that section of the chart after the disappointment that was "Faces" and added another hit to a tally that would continue to grow in coming months. It wasn't all good news for "Maximum Overdrive", which was not Anita and Ray's greatest song, but certainly not their worst - it was a damn sight better than "Faces", for one thing. The track would turn out to be the first of three singles by the pair to peak within the 30s that all deserved better, especially the next two...

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1994 (updated weekly):

Next week: a long-forgotten boy band arrives, as does a teen act of a different kind. Plus, the song that would go on to take out the first ever year-based Triple J Hottest 100.

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25 Years Ago This Week: January 9, 1994

Welcome to 1994, with our look at the ARIA singles charts from years gone by firmly in the mid-'90s - a post-grunge explosion, pre-girl power era where anything went on the top 50. Although compared to 1993, there was a lot less reggae.

Music's three musketeers swashbuckled their way to number 1

And what better way to start off the year than with the arrival of one of 1994's top 10 highest-selling singles - a three-way sing-off by a trio of superstars who'd all visited number 1 previously.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - three weeks ending January 9, 1994

One of them was even at number 1 this week in 1994 by himself. "Please Forgive Me" by Bryan Adams continued its reign, registering its fifth, sixth and seventh weeks at the summit due to the chart's Christmas shutdown.

And yes, I realise the chart is dated January 8, 1994 - a Saturday - but since the previous chart was dated December 19, 1993 and the next is January 16, 1993 - both Sundays - I'm putting it down as a typo.

Off The Chart
Number 98 "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins
Peak: number 57
The rock band edged ever closer to their first big song in Australia, and as it happens, this Siamese Dreams single wouldn't reach its final peak until later in the year in the wake of that upcoming top 20 hit.

Number 97 "Let Her Down Easy" by Terence Trent D'Arby
Peak: number 97
It's a shame this one-time hit-maker didn't sustain chart success for longer, with this ballad, which was later covered by George Michael, giving him one last top 100 appearance. 

Number 89 "Don't Give It Up" by Juice
Peak: number 89
Australian record companies really did snap up a lot of bands that aspired to be the next Red Hot Chili Peppers, didn't they? This was the only top 100 visit by Sydney's Juice.

Number 87 "My Cutie" by Wreckx-n-Effect
Peak: number 85
Also finishing off their top 100 career were one-hit wonders Wreckx-n-Effect, who couldn't match the highs achieved by "Rump Shaker" despite this being possible their best effort.

Single Of The Week
"Daddy Long Legs" by Tumbleweed
Peak: number 53
Their previous single, "Sundial", had made the top 50, but Woolongong's Tumbleweed just fell short with with "Daddy Long Legs" despite it being (as far as I can tell) a brand new song not included on their self-titled debut album - and one that wouldn't feature on their next album, from which they'd start releasing music later in 1994.

New Entries
Number 41 "I've Been Loving You Too Long" by Diesel
Peak: number 41
The first of only two new entries on the first chart of the year was the final single taken from Diesel's The Lobbyist album and it saw him venturing into territory he'd visited before, being a remake of an old soul ballad by Otis Redding. Diesel had previously delved into the soul and blues catalogue for singles "Since I Fell For You" and "Please Send Me Someone To Love" during his time with The Injectors. A one-place improvement on his previous single, "The Masterplan", the cover version's chart performance meant Diesel missed the top 40 with two consecutive singles for the first time in his career. Alarm bells must have been ringing somewhere.

Number 5 "All For Love" by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting
Peak: number 1
Right up at the other end of the top 50, the trio of Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting shot straight into the top 5 with their soundtrack single from the latest film version of The Three Musketeers (starring Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Chris O'Donnell as the titular sword-wielding heroes). Written by another trio, Bryan, Michael Kamen and Mutt Lange - the same team behind "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" - the power ballad was only ever going to be massive, and it was number 1 within three weeks. 
For Bryan, it was his third chart-topping single in Australia (following his Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves theme and current number 1 "Please Forgive Me"), while it was Rod's fourth visit to the top and first since "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" got there in early 1979. Sting, meanwhile, had actually only ever been to number 1 on the singles chart as part of Band Aid, peaking at number 2 twice with The Police, who did, however, score four consecutive number 1 albums. 
At a time when duets weren't anywhere near as frequent as they are now, a collaboration of this nature was incredibly rare - another factor that gave "All For Love" the buzz it needed to be among the year's biggest hits.

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1994 (updated weekly):

Next week: the final top 50 appearance for the original line-up of an Australian pop act, and two rock bands also score their last chart hit.

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The Best Of 2018 - numbers 20 to 1

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I've talked in previous year-end countdowns about my reluctance to wholeheartedly embrace streaming. Well, 2018 was the year I abandoned iTunes (for new music) and used Spotify instead. 

I still have all my pre-2018 music on iTunes, but I listen to everything on this list using Spotify - a fact that makes me nervous because I'm convinced that one day some of the songs will disappear. I expect I'll do a massive download of my favourites for piece of mind. Speaking of my favourites, here are my top 20 for 2018...

A few years back, Danish singer MØ was racking up massive hits (in her own right and as a featured performer) like nobody's business. Those hits might have dried up more recently, but this single from second album Forever Neverland is, for me, the best thing she's ever done and once again saw her team up with regular collaborator Diplo.

Like Poppy, who we saw back at number 25, Leadley (which is her surname; Bethan is her first name) got her start on YouTube. She's now narrowed her focus, hitting pause on the lifestyle vlogging to concentrate on her brand of anthemic pop.

In 2019, this Swedish duo will be competing to represent their country in the Eurovision Song Contest - a win I'd be happy to see on the basis of this remake of Nick Kamen's European hit from 1990. I was also a fan of another track from Erik Gabriel and Adam Warhester's debut EP, Euphoric Melancholic Electronic, titled "Lovers On The Run". The pair get their name from a pair of embracing skeletons unearthed in Italy in 2007.

He scooped the pool at this year's Grammy Awards, but new jack swing-influenced Album Of The Year 24K Magic hadn't impressed me the way his previous two albums had... until he recruited Cardi B for a remix of "Finesse", which became the album's fifth single - and Bruno Mars's first appearance on my year-end chart as lead artist since 2013.

Two years ago, his debut made my top 30 for 2016, and in 2018, Sweden multi-instrumentalist T O F F E (I think the spaces are still a thing) returned with another euphoric synthpop track.

They had a run of excellent retro-flavoured dance tracks in 2014-15, and in 2018, British duo Blonde returned with this piano house stormer featuring vocals from Bryn Christopher (previously heard on Sigala's "Sweet Lovin'").

Over the years - and especially in 2018 - Kim Petras has received a lot of attention about a number of different things: being transgender, working with Dr Luke, copping backlash from Troye Sivan's fans after being announced as his support act. Ignoring all that, the German singer has released some of the year's best pop in the form of this track from EP Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1 and single "Heart To Break", which just missed my top 40.

Next up, another female singer with a link to Troye Sivan - Allie X was responsible for co-writing a chunk of his Bloom album. Also in 2018, the Canadian released EP Super Sunset, which featured her best song yet, "Girl Of The Year".

The band formerly known just as RÜFÜS in Australia adopted their overseas moniker for all territories - easier that way, I guess - and returned with their strongest album to date, Solace, which perfected their miserable-but-uplifting style of dance music. As well as the haunting "Underwater", singles "No Place" and "Lost In My Mind" made my year-end top 100.

Synthpop duo? Tick. Swedish act? Tick. Stockholm-based act Junior Brielle is comprised of brothers David and Gabriel Rödin, and "Love" made a late charge for my year-end top 10 when it was released on the final day of November.

Six songs from Palo Santo make my end-of-year top 200, but my favourite of them all is "Up In Flames", which didn't even make the standard edition tracklisting. A bonus track on the deluxe edition, it's a moody pop gem.

Speaking of pop gems, "My My My!" was a game-changer for Troye Sivan - the exultant lead single from Bloom exuded confidence and was the sound of an artist really hitting their stride. Or should that be strut?

Comprised of the previously solo Alex Winston and MS MR member Max Hershenow, duo Post Precious came about when the two were involved in a songwriting session for another artist and clicked together. Third single "Lose Myself" was, like its two predecessors, included on debut EP Crown

Like the Years & Years track at number 10, the best song on Kimbra's third album, Primal Heart, wasn't lifted as an one of its five official singles. But that hardly matters when the concept of the single doesn't have the same meaning it used to and "Lightyears" still managed to receive plenty of attention on the blogs, forums and Facebook groups I frequent.

Here's another instance of a great song being overlooked for promotional push. The Strike's Faint Of Heart album was released in mid-2017, but although single "Eye For An Eye" made my top 70 for 2016, it wasn't until "Human Right" was featured in 2018 Netflix teen rom-com To All The Boys I've Loved Before that I clued into its pop brilliance.

5. "Girlfriend / Palms Trax mix" by Christine And The Queens featuring Dâm-Funk

A CD copy of Christine And The Queens' self-titled debut album (which features the acclaimed "Tilted") has been siting on my desk all year, but while I never got around to listening to that, I did get into follow-up Chris, which came in French and English versions. Lead single "Girlfriend" came in a third version with the laidback funk of the original given an energetic makeover thanks to the throbbing Palms Trax remix.

It's just typical - I finally find a song by US duo The Chainsmokers I like and it becomes one of their least successful singles in Australia, where they've notched up seven top 10 hits. The fact that it is stylistically quite different from the rest of their output probably explains that. Featured singer Emily Warren is best known for singing on "Capsize" by Frenship.

While Canada's Dragonette are no strangers to my year-end countdowns, having featured since 2007, their cohorts on this cute electronic number both make their first appearance on my chart. Digital Farm Animals is British DJ/producer Nicholas Gale, best known for featuring on Louis Tomlinson's "Back To You" alongside Bebe Rexha, while Canadian singer/DJ/producer Shaun Frank was one of the co-writers of The Chainsmokers' biggest hit, "Closer". 

I think I'm going to have to revisit the list of my top 25 Kim Wilde singles, which I posted earlier in the year when her Here Comes The Aliens album was released. On that list, second single "Kandy Krush", which had recently come out, ranked number 18, but given it almost took out my favourite song for 2018, I expect it will probably jump up a few positions. Simultaneously sounding like something she could've released in her early-'80s heyday - please note the "I Want Candy" nod to that era - and something very now, "Kandy Krush" proves why Kim is one of my favourite singers of all time.

He placed at number 4 on my year-end chart for 2016, and thanks to this track (also not an official single) from second album Young Romance, the German singer born Marius Lauber has come out on top. From its "Don't Bring Me Down"-style opening drums to its melodic chorus, "Illusions" is one of those songs I never get tired of listening to. Two other tracks, "Yr Love" and actual single "Under The Sun" feature in my top 100, while in his guise as remixer, Roosevelt also helped CHVRCHES' "Get Out" place in my top 70.

The full top 200: 

1          ILLUSIONS Roosevelt
2          KANDY KRUSH Kim Wilde
3          TOKYO NIGHTS Digital Farm Animals, Shaun Frank & Dragonette
4          SIDE EFFECTS The Chainsmokers featuring Emily Warren
5          GIRLFRIEND / PALMS TRAX MIX Christine And The Queens featuring Dâm-Funk
6          HUMAN RIGHT The Strike
7          LIGHTYEARS Kimbra
8          LOSE MYSELF Post Precious
9          MY MY MY! Troye Sivan
10        UP IN FLAMES Years & Years
11        LOVE Junior Brielle
13        GIRL OF THE YEAR Allie X
14        CLOSE YOUR EYES Kim Petras
15        ME, MYSELF & I Blonde featuring Bryn Christopher
16        RIVERSIDE T O F F E
17        FINESSE Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B
18        I PROMISED MYSELF The Lovers Of Valdaro
19        LIKE I DID Leadley
20        SUN IN OUR EYES MØ & Diplo
21        THE GIRLS Magdalena Bay
22        AFTER ALL All Saints
23        SANCTIFY Years & Years
24        NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY Ariana Grande
25        TIME IS UP Poppy featuring Diplo
26        TALK Oliver Nelson featuring Linae
27        ENTIRETY Shift K3y featuring A*M*E
28        BREATHE Jax Jones featuring Ina Wroldsen
29        FEEL ABOUT YOU Silk City featuring Diplo, Mark Ronson & Mapei
30        SELF CONTROL Bebe Rexha
31        GOOD VIBES ALMA featuring Tove Styrke
32        BLOOM Troye Sivan
34        NEED YOU Flight Facilities featuring NÏKA
35        INDIANA Just Kiddin
36        SOMETIMES Cub Sport
37        DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART Backstreet Boys
38        NEVER MINE Hanna Ferm
39        EVER AGAIN Robyn
40        MOVES Olly Murs featuring Snoop Dogg
41        LOVERS ON THE RUN The Lovers Of Voldaro
42        BODY TALK Just Kiddin
43        PLAY Jax Jones featuring Years & Years
44        FOR YOU Liam Payne / Rita Ora
45        HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS Bob Moses
46        HEART TO BREAK Kim Petras
47        1999 Arrhult
48        FAST SLOW DISCO St Vincent
49        DOMINO Saara Aalto
50        LONELY STAR Ariana And The Rose
51        DESIRE Matt Cardle
52        SIRENS Saara Aalto
53        PRAY FOR ME The Weeknd / Kendrick Lamar
54        DONE FOR ME Charlie Puth featuring Kehlani
55        OVERTIME Jessie Ware
56        SUCKER PUNCH Sigrid
57        UNDER THE SUN Roosevelt
58        GIMME A BREAK Nicole Millar
59        GOOD THING Kideko
60        NOTHING 2 LOSE Asbjørn
61        NO PLACE RÜFÜS
62        ELECTRICITY Silk City & Dua Lipa featuring Diplo & Mark Ronson
63        BIRTHDAY Kim Wilde
66        ON MY OWN 3LAU
67        WAKING UP Magdalena Bay
68        FEEL IT STILL Portugal. The Man
69        DOESN’T MATTER Christine And The Queens
71        80’S GIRL Nina
72        FIRED UP Yonaka
73        ALL FOR YOU Years & Years
74        LIGHTENUP Parcels
75        RIGHT NOW Nick Jonas vs Robin Schulz
76        LOVE LASTS FOREVER All Saints
77        BEAUTIFUL LIFE Rick Astley
78        EMOTION Astrid S
79        NIGHT FLIGHT Franc Moody
80        I’M GOOD Wafia
81        PAPER CUT Indiana
82        SAFE Daya
83        KINGDOM Gorgon City
84        HURT YOU The Weeknd featuring Gesaffelstein
85        ALL THE WAY joan
86        DANCE YOU OFF Benjamin Ingrosso
87        BREATHIN’ Ariana Grande
88        GET TO YOU Sarai
89        PROMISES Calvin Harris featuring Sam Smith
92        ADDICTED TO YOU Kim Wilde
93        YR LOVE Roosevelt
94        NEEDING YOU Lilly Ahlberg
95        LOST LIONS Priest
96        EAST END STREETS Nimmo
97        SCIENCE Allie X
98        BEHIND THOSE CLOTHES Jaguar Dreams
100      MY ENEMY CHVRCHES featuring Matt Berninger
101      MISSING U Robyn
102      JUST A LITTLE Violet Days
103      CHERRY Rina Sawayama
104      SOMEBODY NEW Olly Murs
105      DANCING / INITIAL TALK MIX Kylie Minogue
106      RENDEZVOUS Years & Years
107      NO STRINGS Nicole Millar
108      ALL LOVE TO ME Say Lou Lou
109      OUT THE WINDOW Confidence Man
110      WE GOT LOVE Jessica Mauboy
111      IT’S NOT LIVING (IF IT’S NOT WITH YOU) The 1975
112      FLAMES David Guetta & Sia
113      VOICES Against The Current
114      DO IT WITHOUT YOU Hannah Jane Lewis
115      CHARACTER FLAWS Openside
116      JEALOUS Oliver Nelson
117      BRIDGES Erthlings
118      20 QUESTIONS (FROM “BERGMAN’S RELIQUARY”) Veronica Maggio
119      ALRIGHT Jain
120      RIDE OR DIE Noella Nix
122      FEAR Stockholm Noir
123      BAD BOYS Lilly Ahlberg
124      PALO SANTO Years & Years
125      LUCKY STRIKE Troye Sivan
127      DANCE TO THIS Troye Sivan featuring Ariana Grande
128      CAPITAL LETTERS Hailee Steinfeld x BloodPop®
129      PARTY FOR ONE Carly Rae Jepsen
130      IF YOU’RE OVER ME Years & Years
131      WANT YOU BACK 5 Seconds Of Summer
132      NERVOUS Shawn Mendes
133      STOP (WWW) Justice
134      GLORIOUS All Saints
135      STRANGER Foley
136      DIAMOND HEART Alan Walker featuring Sophia Somajo
138      IT’LL BE ALRIGHT Donkeyboy
140      MADE FOR NOW Janet Jackson featuring Daddy Yankee
141      KEEP REACHIN’ Quincy Jones & Mark Ronson featuring Chaka Khan
142      ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS Vera Blue
143      HONEY Robyn
144      SHE WAS A DANCER Millie Turner
145      ELASTIC STATE OF MIND Highasakite
146      DUMB Smith & Thell
147      SUGAR & SPICE Hatchie
148      DON’T TALK ABOUT IT UØ featuring Lilly Ahlberg
149      HIGH FIVE Sigrid
150      MUST’VE BEEN Chromeo featuring DRAM
151      I’M FALLIN’ LKA
152      NEVER FALL IN LOVE Jack Antonoff
153      MAKE ME FEEL Janelle Monáe
154      HE’S GOOD Kate Stewart
155      ONE KISS Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa
156      FUNKY SENSATION Disclosure featuring Gwen McCrae
157      DOWNTOWN SHUTDOWN The Presets
158      GO DEEP Gorgon City, Kamille & Ghosted
160      GIVE YOURSELF A TRY The 1975
161      THE ISLAND Ladytron
162      RAINING GLITTER Kylie Minogue
164      LIMITLESS Jennifer Lopez
165      RHYTHM IN MY BLOOD Icona Pop
166      HANG UP YOUR HANG UPS (THE ONLY ONE) (CAMELPHAT REMIX) Paul Woolford featuring Kim English
167      THINK ABOUT YOU Delta Goodrem
168      YOU DON’T LOVE ME Folly Rae
169      STOP ME FROM FALLING Kylie Minogue
170      NOTHING BREAKS LIKE A HEART Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus
171      CHANGE Great Good Fine OK
172      HAPPIER Marshmello featuring Bastille
173      NOBODY BUT YOU Cesar Sampson
174      FUEGO Eleni Foureira
175      NIGHT OWL Ariana And The Rose
176      LOVE CAN BE SO HARD Disclosure
177      ONE MORE TIME Pale Waves
179      BABY Clean Bandit featuring Marina & The Diamonds and Luis Fonsi
180      DIRTY NEON 3LAU
181      LOYAL TO ME Nina Nesbitt
182      THE GOOD PART Liz Lawrence
184      SAY AMEN (SATURDAY NIGHT) Panic! At The Disco
185      CHANCES Backstreet Boys
186      LOVE THE LIE Call Me Loop
188      ALRIGHT Cyn
189      QUEEN Tracey Thorn
190      CRAZY KIND Sarah Close
191      IDGAF Dua Lipa
192      THESE DAYS Rudimental featuring Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen
193      THERE’S NO WAY Lauv featuring Julia Michaels
194      SPACE GIRL Sophie And The Giants
195      PEOPLE LINES featuring Adele Kosman
196      I MISS YOU Clean Bandit featuring Julia Michaels
197      YES Louisa Johnson featuring 2Chainz
198      LOVE MADE ME DO IT Cheryl
199      FILTHY Justin Timberlake
200      TOY Netta

And here's a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure: 

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