A Journey Through Stock Aitken Waterman

Chart Beats has launched its first podcast: A Journey Through Stock Aitken Waterman, which will work its way through every single produced by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman in chronological order. Each episode, hosts Gavin Scott and Matthew Denby discuss a handful of tracks, sharing memories of the songs, discussing the stories behind their release and debating whether they were as big a hit (or miss) as they deserved to be.

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EPISODE 1: The Upstroke to Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)

In the very first episode of Chart Beats: A Journey Through SAW, we look at the first four SAW productions from 1984: "The Upstroke" by Agents Aren't Aeroplanes, "Anna Mari Elena" by Andy Paul, "You Think You're A Man" by Divine and "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)" by Hazell Dean, who joins us to talk about the genesis of SAW's first ever UK top 5 hit.

BONUS CONTENT: We hear more from Hazell about the early days of her career and being signed to Proto Records. Plus, Gavin and Matt take a closer look at those early credits on SAW's singles. Listen here.