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This Week In 1992: February 16, 1992

It was a bit of slow week on the ARIA singles chart this week in 1992, and so I'm forced to talk about a subject regular readers will know is near and dear to my heart: one-hit wonders.

Right Said Fred and The Wonder Stuff's second hits arrived in 1992

Or, in this case - two acts that are often wrongly described as 1HWs. Both were British groups that had been on the chart already, making this their second hit each in Australia. 

ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart - week ending February 16, 1992

At the top of the chart this week in 1992 was an act that'd reached number 1 with their fourth hit. "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt 'n' Pepa was the highest-selling single in the country for a fourth and final week.

"Summer Of Love" by Tall Tales & True
Peak: number 51
Australian indie label rooArt had enjoyed a considerable amount of success in the previous couple of years with acts like Ratcat, The Hummingbirds and Absent Friends - but so far not Tall Tales & True. I always associate the Sydney band with Weddings Parties Anything and Things Of Stone And Wood, probably because they all had long names and all finally made their breakthrough in 1992. Unlike those other two bands, the extent of Tall Tales & True's breakthrough consisted of them almost reaching the top 50 with this breezy bit of jangly pop/rock. Still, after years of slogging away, it was a start. Question was: could they improve on it?

New Entries
Number 49 "It's Only Natural" by Crowded House
Peak: number 15
Our first new entry of the week came from a band that'd had mixed fortunes when it came to making the top 50. Three of the five singles from previous album Temple Of Low Men had peaked between numbers 51 and 100, but this third release from Crowded House's current album, Woodface, made it three from three. In fact, the perfectly pleasant "It's Only Natural" would end up being the biggest of the five singles released from Woodface. Now, if only the recently reunited band could sort out their YouTube presence, that'd be great.

Number 40 "Don't Talk Just Kiss" by Right Said Fred
Peak: number 18
It was always going to be impossible to live up to the global phenomenon that was "I'm Too Sexy", but Right Said Fred gave it their best shot with this cheeky follow-up with the unforgettable line: "let your tongue fool around". Featuring Jocelyn Brown on guest vocals and in the music video, "Don't Talk Just Kiss" returned the Fairbrass brothers (and guitarist Rob Manzoli) to the top 20 - a fact that compilers of one-hit wonder lists often overlook. Yes, the song is fairly forgettable - and most people have done just that - but a hit is a hit. In fact, Right Said Fred would manage one more in Australia before the year was out.

Number 35 "Dizzy" by Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff
Peak: number 3
This remake of the Tommy Roe smash from 1969 (number 2 in Australia, number 1 in the UK and US) could be included on a list of one-hit wonders if you were referring to comedian Vic Reeves. But his collaborators, The Wonder Stuff, had already visited the ARIA top 30 with "Caught In My Shadow". The duet was included on Vic's debut album, I Will Cure You, which also featured his previous UK top 10 single, a cover of "Born Free". Vic and his comedy partner, Bob Mortimer, would team up with EMF in 1995 for yet another remake - their version of "I'm A Believer" reached number 3 in the UK. In Australia, "Dizzy" was the last time either Vic or The Wonder Stuff would visit the ARIA top 50.

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1992:

Next week: the debut of a singer who now has a Twitter parody account based on one of her later hits, plus the title track of the album that was the biggest seller for two years running in the UK.

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  1. I haven't heard 'Summer of Love' since 1992, and couldn't remember it.

    'It's Only Natural' was easily the weakest 'Woodface' single for me; if not one of their weakest singles overall. While inoffensive, I just find it boring.

    I actually much prefer 'Don't Talk Just Kiss' to 'I'm Too Sexy'. I remember a Smash Hits review for it beginning with: "The trouble with one-hit wonders is they never go away." So people were assuming they'd be 1HWs before the second single had even been released.

    I didn't like 'Dizzy' that much at all at the time, but it has since grown on me, and is quite an earworm.

    Here's the different layout Vic/Tas national chart from this week in '92 -

  2. I am surprised that 'Size of a cow' by The Wonder Stuff didn't chart. I really like that song. I must have been one of the few people in australia to by the Vic Reeves CD as he wasn't a known entity in Aus apart from this song,

    1. It almost did - it reached number 51! It's my favourite of theirs. Read more here: