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This Week In 1993: April 25, 1993

No matter how successful a band is, there comes a time when they reach their use by date. Sometimes it might take decades (U2, The Rolling Stones), while in other cases, it can occur much more rapidly (MGMT, The Cranberries).

A couple of underwhelming singles by two of Australia's best bands

This week in 1993, two Australian bands that had played an integral part in the local music scene for more than a decade - and enjoyed major success internationally - looked like they might have reached the end of their glory days.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending April 25, 1993

Still enjoying chart glory this week in 1993 was Lenny Kravitz, who spent a fourth week at number 1 with "Are You Gonna Go My Way".

Off The Chart
Number 98 "Fear Of The Dark (live)" by Iron Maiden
Peak: number 98
The title track of their previous album, this concert recording was released to promote live album A Real Live One. This was the British heavy metal band's final ARIA chart appearance.

Number 91 "Until The Day" by Lisa Edwards
Peak: number 86
Previous single "So Dangerous" had flopped, and although this third solo effort by Lisa Edwards did slightly better, thanks no doubt to guest vocals by John Farnham, it still came nowhere near matching the success of "Cry".

Number 89 I Fought The Law by The Dukes
Peak: number 88
The title track of this stand-alone EP by Sean Kelly and co. was a remake of the song made famous by The Bobby Fuller Four and The Clash, and featured in Yahoo Serious film Reckless Kelly.

Number 85 "The Edge Of The World" by Sonia Dada
Peak: number 64
Their first two singles were still both inside the top 20 - "You Don't Treat Me No Good" spent its 16th and final week in the top 10 - but the chart domination was over just as quickly, with this third single from Sonia Dada bombing.

New Entries
Number 49 "Wild Thing" by Divinyls
Peak: number 39
The Dukes' cover version might not have made the top 50, but this remake also taken from Reckless Kelly did, although I have to say, it's a fairly uneventful version of the song that had most recently visited the ARIA top 50 in 1989 for Sam Kinison. Tired and uninspired, it certainly wasn't Divinyls' finest hour - and given their run of singles since chart-topper "I Touch Myself", they could've done with something a bit more original than yet another version of the much-covered tune first turned into a hit by The Troggs. Still, it made sense as a track to support the movie and did add to the duo's tally of top 50 hits, bringing it to 13.

Number 47 "Beautiful Girl" by INXS
Peak: number 34
Our second homegrown band notched up their 29th top 50 hit this week in 1993. In fact, INXS hadn't missed the chart with a single since 1982's "Night Of Rebellion", but they also hadn't ventured into the top 10 since 1990's "Suicide Blonde" and "Beautiful Girl" was their third release in a row to peak in the 30s. Yes, the ballad inspired by Andrew Farriss's first child, Grace, was the fourth single from Welcome To Wherever You Are, but it seemed like no matter what type of song the band released at this point in their career - and they'd tried everything from this album - they just couldn't rise to their previous chart heights.

Listen to this week's new entries (well, one of them) on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1993:

Next week: while his court case against Sony Music dragged on, George Michael managed a hit with a live recording. Plus, a locally based female singer remakes a UK top 3 hit from 1989.

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  1. I hadn't heard the Sonia Dada track before. Although it's a live performance video embedded and not really the sort of thing I listen to, they've certainly got some decent pipes!

    You're right about 'Wild Thing' being uninspired; Chrissy Amphlett really sounds like she can't be arsed with that vocal performance.

    I liked the piano bits of 'Beautiful Girl', and thought the song was OK, though it's not their best. Still, it was more tuneful than 'Taste It'. The eating disorders-themed video was interesting.

  2. I had no idea Wild Thing was an actual single, I thought it was just recorded for The Collection as a bonus track, it sounds like she's half pissed, doing karoke at some dive bar in Geelong.

  3. November Rain 40 weeks in the top 50 - is THIS a record?
    Love this site - keep it up