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This Week In 1994: May 15, 1994

Three years ago, in one of my 1991 recaps, I wrote about UK quiz show Pointless and how some long-forgotten chart entries would make excellent answers because they're not the songs that spring to mind most often when thinking about certain artists.

Not the first songs that come to mind when you think of these artists

Since I wrote that post, an Australian version of the game show has been and gone, having recently aired its final episode. Even so, local readers would now be more familiar with the concept of Pointless and recognise that most of the songs entering the ARIA top 100 and top 50 this week in 1994 would have very low scores on that show.

ARIA Top 50 Singles and Albums Chart - week ending May 15, 1994

One of two songs most people would think of when it comes to Ace Of Base was still as number 1 this week in 1994. "The Sign" spent a third week on top. 

Off The Chart
Number 99 "Misled" by Celine Dion
Peak: number 55
Instead of playing to her big ballad strengths, Celine Dion's record company mixed things up with this mid-tempo tune, which sounded like a Taylor Dayne album track. They'd learn their lesson.

Number 90 Miscellaneous Debris by Primus
Peak: number 69
The American rock band's commercial breakthrough came courtest of this collection of five remakes. Their cover of XTC's "Making Plans For Nigel" was promoted as the EP's single.

Number 89 "Renaissance" by M-People
Peak: number 60
After re-releasing "One Night In Heaven", M-People's record company tried to keep the party going by skipping ahead to this fourth single from Elegent Slumming. Although a UK top 5 hit, "Renaissance" didn't connect locally.

Number 83 "World In Your Hands" by Culture Beat
Peak: number 57
The good times also ended for Culture Beat who followed up three massive hits with this slower paced track, which sounded to me a bit like "Cult Of Snap!". They'd never return to the top 50.

Number 78 "God" by Tori Amos
Peak: number 65
While "Cornflake Girl" spent its 12th week on the top 50, this stylistically similar follow-up didn't follow suit. Not sure if people were turned off by all those rats in the music video...

New Entries
Number 50 "I'm Broken" by Pantera
Peak: number 49
One minute. That's how far into this song I got before I had to turn it off. From probably my least favourite genre of music, this sole top 50 hit by the heavy metal band was taken from seventh album Far Beyond Driven, which had debuted at number 1 back in April. Apparently, the title is quite literal, referring to the back pain suffered by singer Phil Anselmo. Guess that explains all the screaming.

Number 45 "It's My Life" by Dr Alban
Peak: number 43
If you're reading this in Europe, you'd be entitled to quibble at my description of this Eurodance classic as a long-forgotten single - it was massive across the continent and in the UK in 1992. But in Australia, the lead single from One Love bombed out at number 97 in November that year. Re-released in the wake of "Sing Hallelujah" reaching the ARIA top 5, "It's My Life" only managed to creep into the bottom of the top 50. As a result, I'd suggest it's not a song many Australians would recall. Like "Sing Hallelujah", "It's My Life" is all about the chorus - a jubilant celebration compared to its stodgy, almost indecipherable verses. 

Listen to this week's new entries on my Spotify playlist of all the top 50 hits from 1994:

Next week: a new Australian boy band, an old heavy metal song makes a huge re-entry and a song that always reminds me of my time in music retail.

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  1. I kept this Video Hits '0055' competition segment to promote Céline's 'Misled', which boldly claims that it "will also top the charts" - . It didn't seem to me that such TV (or bottom of the ARIA chart, for that matter) competitions ever helped a single's chart fortunes much. 'Misled' is actually one of the few Céline singles I care for much, partly because I find it unintentionally amusing - that she's trying to come across as 'tough' and hip (for her) in the song and video.

    I think the success of 'Renaissance' may have been hindered by the title not appearing in the lyrics, though surely everyone must have been able to tell it was an M People song. Had it been titled 'I'm Coming Home', it might have done better.

    A eurodance act tackling the subject of suicide ('World In Your Hands')... hmmm. Who thought that was a good idea?

    It's a shame that 'It's My Life' didn't really take off with either release.