Subscriptions FAQ

Why are you charging a subscription fee?

In short, the site has become a major undertaking, which is fantastic, but it takes a fair bit of time to write two weekly chart recaps and keep on top of everything else (ensuring all the YouTube links work in previous posts, for example). A subscription fee will allow me to continue that and devote time to providing other new content, like interviews and stand-alone posts.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Monthly fee: $8 per month

6-month fee: $42 per half-year (equal to $7 per month)

Annual fee: $80 per year (price of 10 months)

With at least 8-10 new posts per month, that works out as no more than $1 per post. Or, think of it as shouting me a beer each month (hey, I live in Sydney — pubs here are expensive!).

What do I get if I subscribe?

* Access to the brand new 1981 and 1996 chart recaps.

* Access to the complete Chart Beats chart recap archive of 700+ posts covering 1980 and mid-1983 to the end of 1995.

* Access to the new chart galleries — all the top 50 printouts from a given year collected together on one page.

* Special chart features: one-hit wonders, number 2 hits, longest-running number 1s, etc.

* Premium interview content — full interviews rather than just the much shorter edits offered free,

How do I subscribe?

Pick your subscription plan here. Once you are logged in as a site member (an easy process), you will be taken through the PayPal process. If you prefer to pay by direct bank deposit instead, email me at and I am happy to arrange that.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Recurring monthly and annual PayPal payments can be cancelled through your PayPal account before the next monthly or annual payment is taken out. The 6-month subscription is a one-off purchase that cannot be cancelled once purchased, but it can be renewed once it expires.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, the monthly subscription comes with a 3-day trial period before the first payment is made.

What if I don't want to subscribe?

Entirely your choice. You won't be able to access any of the subscriber-only content, but you will be able to explore the free content on the site (like the new 90s Compilations page: I'll add new free content from time to time. If you do choose to subscribe, you'll help me continue to provide a journey back through the music of decades past.

Can I subscribe from outside Australia?

Yes, PayPal allows international purchases. There are small fees associated for these transactions (at my end too). Check PayPal for details for your country.

When does my subscription start?

It begins from the date the first payment is made. If your monthly subscription begins on January 11, it runs until February 10, and the next month starts on February 11. And so on.

Any other questions?

Email me at